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VI Form Admission Policy and Procedure

Admissions to secondary schools’ VI Forms sits within the umbrella of the county council, including the oversubscription criteria, by virtue of the fact that it is the Admissions Authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools. However, the day-to-day arrangements for administering such applications is delegated to the relevant secondary school.

VI Form studies at Ysgol Greenhill

In all post 16 education settings (schools and colleges) there will be a range of subjects offered, however only those that have sufficient students to make them economically viable will run. For this reason, Greenhill Sixth Form is federated with both Haverfordwest High School and Pembrokeshire College. This allows our students to study a combination of courses here at Greenhill and at either one of the Haverfordwest venues that might not otherwise have enough students to run here are Greenhill.

Admission to VI Form at Ysgol Greenhill.

Overall GCSE Performance

In order to be continue your studies in Greenhill School Sixth Form you need to meet the following criteria:

Grade ‘C’ or better in a minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

Individual subject criteria

When applying for an AS course you will be expected to have achieved at least a grade B (Merit) in a related course in Key Stage 4. In the case of AS Mathematics, this result must be from the Higher Tier qualification.

Students who achieve the study threshold (5 GSCE Grade C or better) and the course study requirement but who do not achieve a grade C in GCSE English Language and/or GCSE Mathematics will be required to continue working towards these qualifications and attend lessons to support this. This is a requirement at all schools and colleges, not just Greenhill and is because A* – C passes in both of these are a requirement to pass the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

All students will need to choose three AS subjects from the options grid for the year of entry and the Welsh Baccalaureate (WB) as a fourth AS level qualification.

Students wishing to study a fourth AS course in addition to the Welsh Baccalaureate will need to make an appointment with Mr Jones to discuss this. This will only be considered where there is a compelling case that a student would need to study four AS subjects and have predicted GCSE results that indicate that they would cope well with the associated workload.

Following the publication of GCSE results in August, it may be necessary for some students to drop from their original choice of 3 AS subjects plus the Welsh Baccalaureate to 2 AS subjects plus the Welsh Baccalaureate or to consider other options.

Students are permitted to reconsider their options up until the end of September. If there is space on an alternative course (and the qualifying criteria have been met) pupils will be able to amend their subjects being studied. If students feel they need to drop from 3 AS/A2 course to 2 then this can only be sanctioned following discussion with their relevant HOH.

Year 12 into Year 13 transition

To move from Year 12 to Year 13 pupils should have achieved at least an AS Level Grade D to continue the study of a specific subject at A2 level.

The school reserves the right to require a student to repeat Year 12 if results at AS level fall short of the required grade D in at least two AS level subjects.

Federation Offer

The federation offer allows our students to study a combination of courses here at Greenhill and at either one of the Haverfordwest venues. The option choices grid, issued to pupils in February each academic year, will allow students to decide upon an options pathway appropriate to their needs and for more subjects to be made available than individual school might otherwise be able to offer.

  • Option Choices Pathway#1 – all courses followed at Greenhill
  • Option Choices Pathway#2 – one course followed at Haverfordwest High School
  • Option Choices Pathway#3 – one or two courses followed at Pembrokeshire College

Students deciding to study courses at either Haverfordwest venue will spend full days, on set days according to the timetable structure, at these centres. Free transport from local pick-up points is provided as part of the college transport network.

Application process

The admission number for Greenhill VI form is 215 for the academic year 2021/22.

The admission number for the curriculum subjects being offered at Greenhill is 30 pupils per teaching group being provided.  The only subject area to differ from this admission number are those subjects within the Science AOLE where the admission number of 20 pupils per teaching group is in place due the use of laboratory equipment.

Greenhill school hold an annual KS4 – KS5 transition evening. This usually takes place in February.

The transition evening provides the opportunity for pupils and parents to discuss potential VI form applications with teaching staff and Heads of House.

A digital application process will follow. All information regarding this will be shared on the annual KS4 – KS5 transition evening, on the school website https://ysgolgreenhillschool.co.uk and within the VI form brochure https://ysgolgreenhillschool.co.uk/revised%20brochure%202021.pdf.

A decision regarding progression to the VI form will be made upon receipt of GCSE results during August of each academic year. A pupil interview will take place with each pupil and a designated member of staff to confirm subject choices and discuss entry to the VI form.

Applications for admission/entry to a VI form may be made by either the parent or the young person or both.

Oversubscription to specific subjects

In the event of a subject being oversubscribed, due to the number of applicants in relation to our specified admission number per subject teaching group, we will use the academic profile of pupils as a criterion for entry and acceptance onto the course.

In the event of a ‘tie-breaker’ situation arising regarding subject entry following the application of the academic profile, we will use distance criteria. All tie breaks are decided by distance and are measured electronically taking the distance from home to school by the shortest available walking route. The measurements will be taken from outside the entrance of the property (house or flat) to the nearest official school entrance.

A waiting list for entry to the VI form will be held until 30th September of each academic year.

Pupil applications outside of Greenhill School

The above-mentioned criteria and application process remain in place for pupils applying to Greenhill school who completed Key Stage 4 studies in a different school.

Mid-term application to VI form will be considered. However, the school will be required to make a judgement regarding the compatibility of examination boards, syllabus being studied and course content covered when considering the appropriateness of any VI form application.

Contact will be made with the applicant’s previous school to gain a full educational picture and to

ensure the aforementioned criteria have been successfully met.

Admission applications and the completion of the ‘VI form application form’, available upon request from Greenhill School, can be made by either the parent or the young person wishing to carry out their studies at the VI form.

The decision to refuse a place at VI form rests with the Headteacher. Should your application be unsuccessful, details will be provided within the refusal letter on how to appeal and the time frame for an appeal decision to be made. As the LA remains the admissions authority please refer to the PCC website where there is an appeals form and further guidance https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/school-admissions/school-appeals.

Points of contact regarding admission to the VI from at Greenhill are:

  • Mr N Jones – Assistant
  • Mrs K Campbell – Assistant
  • Mrs E Nicholas – KS4 – KS5 transition
  • Ms R Evans – KS5 – Higher Education transition

Please use the email Greenhill@Hwbmail.net for further detail and information.










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