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Welsh Cup Final Eve πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ ΏπŸ†βš½οΈ
@WelshSchoolsFA Excitement building in school today. 4 buses travelling to the game tomorrow. The #bluewave ready to go.
Tomorrow will be a memorable day whatever the result.
Please wear blue πŸ”΅ to show your support.
Good luck @YsgolGreenhill πŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βšͺ️

Today, a group of Year 9 girls start their week with @TenbyFire. They will complete a week long course of team building, communication, life of a fire fighter, problem solving and working under pressure.
Enjoy your week, girls!


Today is the day! Wishing all our learners sitting their exams and assessments POB LWC! We know you’ve all been working so hard, and now it’s your time to shine✨


@CareersWales @quals_wales @wjec_cbac @e_sgol @Addysg_Cymraeg @ColegauCymru @NTFWwbl

#PobLwc to all Ysgol Greenhill pupils who start their external exams today. Well done on all the hard work that you have put in. You've got this!

πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘€ ⭐️ Our Minecraft Club has made it through to the National Finals of the WRU Club of the Future Challenge Competition ⭐️ πŸ‘€ πŸŽ‰

Well done everyone πŸ‘


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Staff (in alphabetical order)

Forename Surname Job Title
Callum Addison Teacher of I.C.T.
Theresa Angier Cover Supervisor
Katherine Barnes Teacher of Languages
Pauline Baxter D.T. Technician 
Max Brindley LSA
Ella Brindley Teacher of Maths
John Butland Casual Exam Invigilator
Kate Campbell Assistant Head
Eleanor Catt Learning Coach
Douglas Chapman D.T. Technician
Ria Chilcott Teacher of P.E.
Joanne Church Skills Admin Assistant
Neilson Cole Teacher of English
David Collins Inclusion & Behaviour Manager
Anita Collinson Casual Exam Invigilator
Emily Cook Teacher of  D.T.
Lisa Cook Teacher of Languages
Deborah Cooke Lunchtime Supervisor
Mary David Casual Exam Invigilator
Joanna Davies Teacher of Art
Leigh Davies Teacher of Science
Matthew Davies Deputy Head
Nia Davies Teacher of P.E.
Nigel Davies Teacher of Languages
Richard Davies Lead Teacher of Languages
Kay Davis Pupil Development Mentor
Leah Day Independent Learning Assistant (Library)
Tracy Dibble LSA
Sarah Duffy Lunchtime Supervisor
Chloe Durbridge Teacher of Science
Marc Elsley Teacher of Science
Carolyn Elworthy Casual Exam Invigilator
Gemma Evans Teacher of Health and Wellbeing  
Hayley Evans Lead Science Technician
Lloyd Evans Lead Teacher of D.T.
Ruth Evans Teacher of Geography
Wendy Eynon Reception
Paul Foster LSA
Jenna Gravelle Lead Practitioner
Clare Harding-Jones Attendance Officer
Shannon Harries LSA
David Haynes Headteacher
Gemma Henton Teacher of History
Cerys Hewlings Casual Exam Invigilator
Debbie Hill Casual lunchtime supervisor
Leah Hooper LSA
Betty Hooper Casual Exam Invigilator
Alwen Hughes Casual Exam Invigilator
Margaret Hughes Casual Exam Invigilator
Samantha Hughes Teacher of Music
Lisa Hupje Maths HLTA
Ben James Network Manager
Valerie James Casual Exam Invigilator
Verity James LSA
Alice Jenkins Teacher of Welsh
Fay John LSA
Sarah John Teacher of Maths
Gwion Jones WRU Rugby Officer/Cover Supervisor
Jayne Jones Science Technician
Katherine Jones Casual Exam Invigilator
Nicholas Jones Assistant Head
Peter Jones Inclusion & Behaviour Assistant
Emily Jones-Hewens Teacher
Krystal King Teacher of Art
Jonathan Leigh Teacher of Science
Joanne Lewis LSA
Roy  Lewis Casual Exam Invigilator
Marie Mackay LSA
Peter Malpas Caretaker
Charlotte Martin Business Manager
Julie Martin Casual Exam Invigilator
Ann Maziane LSA
Kim McGreevy Exams & Data Assistant
Laura McQueen Teacher of Mathematics
Alexandra Merrony Teacher of R.E.
Sarah Miles Teacher of History
Rob Moffatt Lead Teacher of Science
Rhian Morgan Learning Coach
Meryl  Nevin Casual Exam Invigilator
Elizabeth Nicholas Teacher of Mathematics
Nicholas Oliver Casual Exam Invigilator
Catherine Owen Teacher of English
Gary Owen LSA
Christine Page Cover Supervisor
Alison Palmer Teacher of Food Technology
Katie Papa Teacher of Science
Nichola  Powell Teacher of Maths
Rhiannon Price Casual Exam Invigilator
Victoria Price Lead Teacher of I.C.T.
Gina Quinn Casual Lunchtime Supervisor
Sarah Rapi Teacher of Music
Alexandra Rees Pastoral Secretary
Sian Rees Casual Exam Invigilator
Justin Richards Finance Officer
Robert Rickman Teacher of Science
Stephanie Rook Lead Teacher of Maths
Finlay Ryder Science HLTA
Louise Scale Teacher of Science
Elliot Scotcher Teacher of P.E.
Emma Scourfield Pastoral Secretary
Daniella Sloan LSA
Wanda Smith Casual Exam Invigilator
Lisa Stock Inclusion & Behaviour Assistant
Marc Styles Cover Manager/Supervisor
Paula Subbiani Inclusion & Behaviour Assistant
Sian Swales Teacher of Cymraeg
Helen Swancott Reception
Jason Thomas Media Technician
Lisa Thomas Teacher of Cymraeg
Nadine Thomas SLT P.A.
Victoria Thomas Teacher of History
Yvonne Thomas Teacher of English
Leah Walker Youth Worker
Sarah Waring Casual Exam Invigilator
Amy Westcott Teacher of History
Suzanne Whitby Acting ALNCO
Calvin Williams Teacher of English
Dave Williams Caretaker
Marie Williams Teacher of Geography
Philip Williams Lead Teacher of P.E.
Jess Worlock Casual Exam Invigilator
Sharon Wostenholme Lunchtime Supervisor
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