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Dean Scourfield – School Counsellor


Everyday life can sometimes be difficult and challenging for all of us.  Counselling can offer a safe space to talk and think about things that are important to you, or that may be worrying you.

You can talk to the counsellor about anything – nothing is off limits, and you won’t be judged.  Whatever is talked about will not be passed on to anybody else, unless you or another person is at serious risk.  Counselling sessions are available throughout the day every Tuesday and Wednesday.


If you decide to use the service, don’t worry, this service is free.  You can use it more than once, and no mention of it will appear on your school record.


Pupils from Years 7 to 13 can refer themselves to the counselling service by calling in to see the counsellor in his room, or by talking to him if you see him around school.  Alternatively, you could ask a member of staff or your parent/guardian to contact the counsellor for you.

All counsellors are professionally qualified, and bound by the ethical code of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

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