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Request for a meeting

Parents may request a meeting with any member of staff to discuss concerns they may have about any aspect of the child’s progress or welfare. The request can be made in writing, by email, telephone or in person at reception. Similarly staff may request a meeting with parents for the same reasons.

The following guidance will apply (other than relating to safeguarding and serious behaviour concerns, which are managed under those policies):

The request to meet should be at a mutually convenient time during the course of the school day or up to one hour either side of the school day.

The meeting should be with the most appropriate member of staff to discuss and where appropriate address the matter at hand, usually the form teacher, subject teacher followed by the Head of Year or Subject Leader.  Requests to meet with senior line managers, senior leaders or the Headmaster will not be possible until efforts have been made to resolve the matter and at ‘lower’ level in the system.

The request for a meeting should be accompanied by an outline of the concerns/matter to be discussed, so that staff can have the appropriate information to hand.

Staff will not be available to meet with parents ‘on demand’ and no member of staff will be available to meet with any parent who turns up at reception demanding such a meeting. Reception staff will ask for details of who you wish to meet with and what you wish to discuss. They will then pass this on to the appropriate member of staff who will either contact you when they are first able to, without interfering with their teaching or other priorities, to discuss the matter over the phone or to arrange a meeting. Teaching staff may ask a member of support and admin staff to do this on their behalf where they are unable to do so in a timely manner and where they believe the matter to be sufficiently time critical.

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