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The RE Department is a key part of the structure of the school and should support the wider aims of the School. RE should not be viewed simply as an academic subject but as a subject which is both challenging and relevant, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the world around them.  RE should also offer students the opportunity to develop transferable skills that are essential for everyday life such as literacy, numeracy and problem solving. RE should be relevant to everyday life.

At Key stage 3 all pupils should receive a stimulating and interesting education that develops knowledge, concepts, Key skills and Learning Skills within the Pembrokeshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

At Key stage 4 students should build on the skills developed during key stage 3 in preparation for GCSE Examinations. Students should be given through the Key stage 4 scheme of work opportunities to continue the development of skills acquired in Key stage 3.


  • Promote an enquiring sensitive and open exploration of religion, especially in its individual and corporate expression in the contemporary world.
  • Introduce students to the challenging and varied nature of religion and to the ways in which this is reflected in experience belief values and practice
  • Develop an understanding of the ways in which religious belief influences action
  • Foster respect for other people their beliefs and their life styles

Encourage students to explore their own beliefs values and experiences in terms of the religious spiritual and moral aspects of life.


Miss Alex Merrony – Head of Deapartment

Miss Corrine John


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