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AS/A2 Physical Education (WJEC)



A/AS Level Physical Education is now widely recognised as one of the most popular subjects in Higher Education.  The subject is extremely well balanced in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Sport and Physical Education.  Our aim in the Greenhill Physical Education department is to attract increasing numbers of committed young adults to study, enjoy, and succeed in one of the most exciting and demanding of subjects.


The specification builds on the knowledge from the current GCSE course, however, it is not necessary to have followed the GCSE course to opt for AS Physical Education.

Course Outline:

AS (2 Units)

AS Unit 1: Exploring physical education.

Written examination: 1¾ hours 24% of qualification 72 marks.

To assess all AS subject content from theory lessons.

Question types Contextualised questions to include multiple choice, data response, short and extended answers

AS Unit 2: Improving personal performance in physical education

Non-exam assessment 16% of qualification 48 marks.

To assess practical performance in one activity:

  • as a player/performer.
  • as a coach or
  • Personal Performance Profile (written piece of coursework).

A level Units (AS units plus a further 2 units)

A2 Unit 3: Evaluating physical education.

Written examination: 2 hours 36% of qualification 90 marks.

To assess all A level subject content from theory lessons.

Question types A range of questions to include data response, short and extended answers

A2 Unit 4: Refining personal performance in physical education.

Non-exam assessment 24% of qualification 60 marks.

To assess:

  • practical performance in one activity as a player/performer, coach or
  • Investigative Research (written piece of coursework).

The WJEC AS and A level in physical education provides a coherent combination of four areas of study:

  1. Exercise physiology, performance analysis and training.
  2. Sport psychology.
  3. Skill acquisition.
  4. Sport and society.

This course is challenging yet exciting for students with an interest in Physical Education. This course will provide a good base for students looking to continue at Higher Education.


Useful Websites:

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