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KS5 Geography



Key Stage 5   Advanced Level Geography (OCR Specification)

Year 12 AS Geography

There are two examinations that students are working towards at the end of year 12:

Managing Physical Environments:

Topics include:

  •           River Environments
  •           Cold Environments
  •           Coastal Environments

Managing Human Environments:

Topics include:

  •       Tourism
  •       Energy
  •       Urban environments

Year 13 A2 Geography

Two more examinations one in January and the final examination at the end of year 13

Geographical Skills (January examination)

  •               Skills required to conduct a geographical investigation

Global Issues:

  •               Ecosystems
  •               Geographical Hazards
  •               Globalisation

KS3 – Years 7, 8 and 9

KS4 – Years 10 and 11

KS5 – Years 12 and 13

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