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Advanced Level Health and Social Care

Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care and Communication

Unit 2: Promoting Good Health

Unit 7: Provision of Health, Social Care and Childrens Services

Unit 9: Working in Health and Social Care

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Advanced Level Travel and Tourism

Unit 1: Introducing Travel and Tourism

Unit 2: Tourism Destinations

Unit 5: Tourism Impacts and Tourism Developments

Unit 8: Event Management in Travel and Tourism

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Vocational Bridging Course

BTEC Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

Unit 2: Understanding Customer Service in Travel and Tourism

Unit 3: Understanding the Nature and Effects of World Travel

Unit 5: Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel and Tourism

Unit 6: UK Tourism Destinations

Unit 9: Holiday Planning

Unit 11: Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism

Unit 13: Organising a Travel and Tourism Study Visit

Unit 14: Exploring Airports and Airlines

Unit 18: Introduction to Cruise Operations

Unit 20: Travel and Tourism Group Project

Unit 21: Work Experience in Travel and Tourism

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BTEC Certificate in Work Skills

Unit 3:  Managing Your Own Money

Unit 4:  Searching for a Job

Unit 5:  Applying for a Job

Unit 6:  Preparing for an Interview

Unit 17: Learning from More Experienced People

Unit 19: Building Working Relationships with Customers

Unit 21: Managing Your Health at Work

Unit 26: Preparing for Work Placement

Unit 27: Learning from Work Placement


KS4 – Years 10 and 11

KS5 – Years 12 and 13

ALN Transformation Information

Abuse Helpline

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