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KS4 GCSE Music

The GCSE Music Course fosters candidates’ musical sensitivity, creativity and aural perceptions through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding and the exercise of the imagination. It promotes candidates’ cultural development, involvement in and enjoyment of music as performers, composers and appraisers through the study of a wide range of music including the music of Wales. Students will study music using the Four Areas of Study – Music in Wales / Music for Stage and Screen / music Evolution / musical Forms and devices.

Music GCSE is divided into three units

Unit 1. 30% – Performing:  Students will be given the opportunity to perform TWO contrasting pieces. One solo and one as a member of an ensemble. The total performance time must not exceed ten minutes. One of the pieces should connect with an Area of Study at Unit 3. This Unit is teacher Assessed and moderated in February/March.


Unit 2. 30% – Composition: Students will create two contrasting compositions with a total playing time of no more than Five minutes. Each of the compositions should be linked to a different Area of Study at Unit 3. Students will use the two software programmers offered to perform or print their work. This will be assessed by the Teacher and externally Moderated in April/May.


Unit 3. 40% – Appraising: This is a written examination approximately 1½ hour. This paper is based on unprepared musical extracts under each of the Areas of Study and final question asking you to evaluate a performance of a composition undertaken during the course. This is externally assessed in May/June.


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KS4 – Years 10 and 11

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