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Year 10 – Unit 1 – Changing Physical and Human Landscapes

The Physical World

This considers the processes that shape our Earth.  In particular it reveals how the dramatic forces such as volcanoes and earthquakes can prove hazardous to man.  It shows how water forms and shapes our land and coasts.

The Urban World

This looks at how the world’s population is changing and the trends and impacts of global community.  It also looks at the difference between life in two global cities and how they are connected to the rest of the world.


Year 11 – Unit 2 – Environmental and Developmental Issues

Weather, Climate and Ecosystems

It shows how global climate change will affect our lives in the future and the impact of dangerous weather events.  We look at the living planet and how we can manage it sustainably.

Development and Resources Issues

It considers how we measure the difference between rich and poor countries’ development and how these inequalities can be reduced.

Management of Ecosystems

Here we look at strategies to manage and restore habitats such as the world’s coral reefs and rainforests.


Year 10 and 11 Unit 3 – Fieldwork Enquiry – non examination assessed work

Students will undertake 2 fieldwork experiences which help them put together information to answer questions on fieldwork skills and outcomes from their investigation.  The questions will be assessed in the November of Year 11.  This will contribute to 20% of the final mark.


Candidates are entered for the same examination paper.

Paper 1 – Unit 1

Structured questions from the Changing physical and human landscapes topics.

Paper 2 – Unit 2

3 structured questions on the Environmental and development topics.


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KS4 – Years 10 and 11

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