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Best of luck to year 10 pupil, Carys Wood, who will be travelling to Evesham this weekend to play with the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain! ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽบ

1/2 This year with the restrictions of 'bubbles' in place we are remembering Holocaust Memorial Day by showing an assembly film in form time to all year groups. Pupils in Yr 8 upwards are watching the story of Janine Webber in Humanities lessons, a remarkable lady ....

Do you have any musical instruments collecting dust at home and would be willing to donate them to school? Theyโ€™d be gratefully received and put to good use by the music department! (Other items also welcome: amps/picks/tuners etc) Diolch ๐Ÿ™


Y nifer mwyaf o fideos o bobl yn canu'r un gรขn ar Twitter o fewn awr oedd 250...

...ac mae'r Urdd aโ€™i ffrindiau wedi postio 1176!!!

(Ffigwr Facebook i ddod!)

WE DID IT! Mae hyn i gyd i lawr i chi - DIOLCH!๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’šโค

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History KS5

AS studies (Year 12)
UNIT 1; Government, Rebellion & Society In England & Wales c 1485-1603
Themes of study include:
  • Main changes in politics and religion 1485-1588.
  • Developments of protests and rebellions against the Tudor Dynasty 1509-1569.
  • Changing relationships between England and Wales after 1530.
UNIT 2; Germany: Democracy & Dictatorship c 1918-1945
Part 1- Weimar and it’s challenges 1918-1933.
(this element of study is part of a wider depth study, and links directly to UNIT 4, which is delivered in Year 13)
Themes of study include:
  • The challenges facing the development of the new republic 1918-1923.
  • Changes to foreign and economic policy under Stresemann 1924-1929.
  • The changing fortunes of the Nazi Party 1924-1933.
  • The crisis of the Weimar Republic 1929-1933.
  • Historical interpretations of key issues within the topcis above.
A2 Studies (Year 13)
UNIT 3; The American Century c 1890-1990.
Themes of study to include;
Theme 1: The Struggle for Civil Rights
  • The development of changing attitudes, from emancipation to World War II 1890-1945.
  • Changing developments in the demand for Civil Rights 1945-1968.
  • The consequences of the Civil Rights Movement and the the extent of change 1968-1990.
Theme 2: Making of a Super Power
  • Change and continuity in foreign policy 1890-1945.
  • Impact of World War II and the Cold War 1941-1975.
  • Significance of Detente and the end of the Cold War 1975-1990.
Across both themes there will be a study of the similarities and differences within policy making and impact of change.
UNIT 4;ย ย Germany: Democracy & Dictatorship c 1918-1945
Part 2- Nazi Germany c 1933-1945
Themes of study to include;
Developments in Nazi control of government after 1933.
Impacts of Nazi racial, social & religious policies 1933-1945.
Effectiveness of Nazi economic policy 1933-1945.
Changing Nazi foreign policy & World War II 1933-1945.

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