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General Communications Policy

Communications and meeting requests. 

The following outlines the school policy with regard to written communication and requests for meetings between home and school, including e-mail communications.

Email and written communication

All communication must respect the dignity of the recipient.

  1. Within 48 hours – receipt of letter or email will be acknowledged (during term time but not over a weekend).
  2. Within 5 working days – provide a response to the letter or email by telephone or in writing (including by email). This may include informing the sender that more time is required to provide a full response.  If this is the case staff should indicate a time frame in which a response should be expected.
  3. If a member of staff is not able to deal with the matter directly or it is a matter more appropriately managed by someone else, they will pass it on to that person and inform the sender that they have done so.
  4. Staff are not expected to monitor or respond to emails out of their normal working hours (including weekends and published school holidays).  Mobile phones and other electronic devices that enable staff to access their school emails when away from school can make it difficult to ‘ignore’ a message from a parent, leading to unnecessary worry and anxiety on the part of the staff.  To safeguard the welfare and workload of staff, we request that emails are not sent outside of ‘normal office hours’.
  5. Whilst this is rare, if a member of staff receives an email which is of an aggressive tone, sets unreasonable demands or could otherwise be interpreted as harassment, they will refer this to a senior line manager in the school, who will decide if consideration needs to be given to dealing with further communication under the schools ‘Persistent Complaints and Harassment Policy’.

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Unacceptable Behaviours

In line with school and county policy every person has a right to be treated with respect and dignity. Staff are school employees and as such are afforded employment rights which protect them from harassment, abuse, assault, intimidation or any other form of unacceptable behaviour at work.

Should any member of staff experience unacceptable behaviour directed towards them or a colleague then they will bring a meeting to a close, request that the person leave the school site and report the matter to their line manager or a senior leader.  If necessary the police will be contacted to remove offenders from the school site.

Should a parent, carer or other attendee at a meeting believe that a member of staff behaviour is unprofessional or otherwise unacceptable then this should be reported and the matter will be dealt with under the school’s complaints and where appropriate Staff Discipline procedures.

Whilst rare, aggressive or abusive behaviour toward any member of staff is never acceptable and will be not be tolerated. Should this occur you will be instructed to leave the school site and the incident will be reported to the police.  Any subsequent communication or meetings will only take place if the Governors believe the safety, welfare and dignity of staff can be assured.

The Unacceptable Actions

Pembrokeshire County Council “The Unacceptable Actions by Complainants Policy” explains what the PCC and the School Governors considers to be unacceptable actions from anyone communicating with or making a complaint and, how the school will communicate with those concerned.

The reason for implementing this policy

Other things to consider

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