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Best of luck to year 10 pupil, Carys Wood, who will be travelling to Evesham this weekend to play with the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain! 🎶🎺

1/2 This year with the restrictions of 'bubbles' in place we are remembering Holocaust Memorial Day by showing an assembly film in form time to all year groups. Pupils in Yr 8 upwards are watching the story of Janine Webber in Humanities lessons, a remarkable lady ....

Do you have any musical instruments collecting dust at home and would be willing to donate them to school? They’d be gratefully received and put to good use by the music department! (Other items also welcome: amps/picks/tuners etc) Diolch 🙏


Y nifer mwyaf o fideos o bobl yn canu'r un gân ar Twitter o fewn awr oedd 250...

...ac mae'r Urdd a’i ffrindiau wedi postio 1176!!!

(Ffigwr Facebook i ddod!)

WE DID IT! Mae hyn i gyd i lawr i chi - DIOLCH!🤍💚❤

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There are two units to complete, one in Year 10 and one in Year 11. Each unit follows a given brief and the brief changes every two years. The course is 100% coursework with no exam at the end of Year 11, although both units must be passed.

Unit 1 – Using ICT (Examining body website)

This unit provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to design and produce publications for print and screen that are fit for audience and purpose. Learners will discover how to:

  • establish the ‘who, why, where and what’ requirements for publications.

  • produce an up-front plan to help them manage a project and use it to track, monitor and communicate progress.

  • select and capture information from various sources and use spreadsheets and database tools to collate and analyse data.

  • build an eportfolio that presents their achievements, giving ‘pride of place’ to project outcomes.

  • evaluate the effectiveness of publications they produce and assess the contributions of underpinning processes, such as planning and testing, to their success.

Unit 3 – Graphics (Examining body website)

This unit provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to design and produce effective graphic products that communicate successfully onscreen and in print. Learners will discover how to:

  • use vector and bitmap tools to develop graphic elements.

  • use testing and feedback from others as an integral part of an iterative development process from initial designs through to final products.

  • exhibit their achievements in an eportfolio.

  • evaluate the effectiveness of graphic products they produce and assess the contribution of underpinning process, such as planning and use of feedback, to their success.

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