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Computation applies algorithms to data in order to solve real-world problems. Our vision is to develop these skills in our learners and follow the new curriculum “What Matters” Statements.

Computational processes have changed the way people interact with one another and their environment, as well as how humans organise their work, their communities, and their lives. Society, in turn, has influenced the development of computation as people’s needs for processing information have changed. Through these computational processes, the world has been enriched and technological development has accelerated, and seems set to continue doing so. In order to use and create these technologies to their full potential, learners need to know how they work. Developing creative algorithmic and computational approaches can solve challenging real-world problems. However, we must be conscious that there are limits to what computers can achieve. Understanding that there are also wider legal, social and ethical consequences of how technology is used enables learners to make informed decisions about the application of computational technologies. Our vision is to equip all of our learners with these skills to enable them to become ambitious, capable learners.


All work will be available via the Google Classrooms set up by the department and Parents can have access to the various assignments. Email pricev4@hwbmail.net to request access.


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GCSE ICTClick here for more information as well as resources to help with your studies.

GCSE Computer ScienceClick here for more information as well as resources to help with your studies.

We are linked to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and can, as a Networking Academy, offer various self study CISCO courses aimed at KS4 and KS5 pupils. See Mrs Price for more information.

Department Staff:
Mrs. V. Price – Head of Department
Mr. J. Evans

Mr. B. James – Network Manager

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Category: General.: U16's Hockey Tournament@Pembroke/Milford

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September 10, 2019

Category: General.: Yr10/Yr11 Drama Trip "Two Faces"

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Category: General.: Year 11 Product Design - final project deadline

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Category: General.: Year 11 Trip "Blood Brothers"

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